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Mo 8 09:00 International Music Competition - round 1, harpsichord category Tu 9 09:00 International Music Competition - round 1, violin category Th 11 09:00 International Music Competition - round 2, harpsichord category 20:00 Informal Festival Prelude ATTENTION PLEASE Fr 12 09:00 International Music Competition - round 2, violin category 10:00 Tribute to Bedřich Smetana 16:00 Open air broadcast of the opening concert 20:00 Opening Concert: Daniel Barenboim & Wiener Philharmoniker Sa 13 11:00 Morning Concert I Marek Švejkar & Lenka Korbelová 14:00 A Musical Walk Through Prague 16:00 Prague Spring International Music Competition, finals, harpsichord category (part 1) 20:00 Daniel Barenboim & Wiener Philharmoniker 20:00 Prague Spring International Music Competition, finals, harpsichord category (part 2) Su 14 10:00 The Best of Prague Spring Festivals 16:00 Prague Spring International Music Competition, finals, violin category (part 1) 20:00 Prague Spring International Music Competition, finals, violin category (part 2) 20:00 Rocío Márquez Mo 15 20:00 Ensemble Inégal 20:00 Quasars Ensemble Tu 16 20:00 Diana Damrau We 17 20:00 La Compagnia del Madrigale Th 18 10:00 A day with the Czech Radio station Vltava 19:00 Laco Déczi & Celula New York 19:00 Krakatit 20:00 Česká filharmonie, Kristjan Järvi & Lukáš Vondráček Fr 19 18:00 Pavel Kohout 20:00 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Peter Oundjian & Maxim Vengerov Sa 20 11:00 Morning Concert I Michal Šupák 14:00 A Musical Walk Through Prague 20:00 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Peter Oundjian & Jan Lisiecki Su 21 20:00 Jinhyung Park Mo 22 20:00 Česká filharmonie, Jiří Bělohlávek - ATTENTION PLEASE 20:00 EntreQuatre & Epoque Quartet Tu 23 20:00 Shanghai Dance Theatre 21:30 Nocturno I Alexander Lonquich We 24 20:00 Filharmonie Brno & Dennis Russell Davies Th 25 20:00 Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment & WIlliam Christie Fr 26 20:00 Symfonický orchestr hl. m. Prahy, Łukasz Borowicz & Huw Morgan 20:00 Alexander Lonquich, Vilde Frang & Nicolas Altstaedt Sa 27 11:00 Morning Concert III Boris Prýgl & Jana Nagy-Juhász 14:00 Lobkowicz Trio 14:00 A Musical Walk Through Prague 17:00 David Oistrach Quartet 20:00 Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt & Jan Simon Su 28 10:30 Suk's Křečovice 11:00 Prague Philharmonia Wind Quintet 14:00 Dvořák Piano Quartet 17:00 Martinů Quartet 20:00 Concerto Zapico Mo 29 20:00 Musico-technical Inventions 20:00 Sacconi Quartet & Wihan Quartet Tu 30 13:30 ZUŠ Open 20:00 Prague Spring Debut,
20:00 Forma Antiqva
We 31 20:00 Orchestre de Paris, Thomas Hengelbrock & Kate Lindsey 21:30 Nocturne II Tomáš Jamník & Frode Haltli Th 1 20:00 Berg Orchestra, Peter Strenáčik & Peter Vrábel - ATTENTION PLEASE 20:00 Camerata Salzburg & Alexander Lonquich Fr 2 20:00 Closing Concert: Krzysztof Penderecki & Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Barenboim & Wiener Philharmoniker 13/5, Saturday 20:00
A Musical Walk Through Prague 13/5, Saturday 14:00
13. 5. / Sa / 16.00
Prague Spring International Music Competition, finals, harpsichord category (part 1)
venue Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Martinů Hall price 300 CZK end of the concert 17.45


  • Johann Sebastian Bach : Concerto in A minor for Flute, Violin and Harpsichord BWV 1044
  • Bohuslav Martinů: Concerto for Harpsichord and Small Orchestra H 246

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The 69th Prague Spring International Music Competition 2017 offers a combination of two very different disciplines. The first is the youngest, only becoming part of the competition in 1994; this is its fifth appearance in the event – the harpsichord. The Prague Spring is one of only a handful of organisers worldwide who run a competition for this instrument. The second discipline is, conversely, the one chosen for the first year of the competition, 1947, and this year sees its twelfth appearance – the violin.

The harpsichordists will be arriving in Prague first, launching the entire competition on 7 May by drawing lots to determine the order of play in the Martinů Hall, where all three rounds will take place. In view of the atmosphere and sensitivity of the instruments, the preparatory committee for this discipline recommended that the final concert also be held at the Prague Music Academy venue. Another innovation, which will increase the appeal and prestige of the competition, is the untraditional format of the final round, where competitors will be accompanied by two ensembles. In the case of Bohuslav Martinů’s Harpsichord Concerto candidates will perform with the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, led by its Chief Conductor Vojtěch Spurný. Competitors will also be required to rehearse, perform and conduct Bach’s Triple Concerto for Violin, Flute and Harpsichord, and this with members of the ensemble Collegium 1704.

The violinists will be competing in the National House of Vinohrady from 9 May. They will be accompanied by leading pianists – Václav Mácha and Miroslav Sekera. The final round will take place in the Rudolfinum with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leoš Svárovský. This year’s violin competition is dedicated to the memory of the excellent Czech violinist Josef Suk, and it is our pleasant duty to thank Mrs Marie Suková for all her support during the preparations for the Josef Suk Award, which will be conferred upon the best participant.

This year the second round will again feature premieres of works by Czech composers – in the case of the harpsichord, Petr Wajsar’s Harpsycho for Harpsichord and, for the violinists, the solo piece by David Lukáš The Ballad of Nacken and the Violinist. We would like to take the opportunity here to thank the Czech Radio Music Publishing Department which has been supplying us with sheet music for many years now and will once again be publishing both works in its catalogue on the day of the premieres.

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